Independent Design Firm

ISHIMOTO was founded in 1927 by Dr. Kikuji Ishimoto, who is known for his significant contributions to the New Architectural Secession Movement in the early days of modern Japanese architecture.
Ishimoto is the only major architectural engineering firm in Japan without a bank group affiliation.
This allows us to maintain a neutral position between client and contractors.

Contributing to our Clients’ Success

Ishimoto’s corporate creed is “Contributing to our Clients’ Success.”
We help our clients succeed through a highly collaborative design process backed by more than 80 years of experience and accumulated knowledge.
Clients benefit from Ishimoto’s leading edge design technology, as well as our extensive experience in the design of: public facilities, government offices, cultural community centers, retail and office buildings, educational and research facilities, hospitals and medical facilities, hotels, resorts, residences, manufacturing and distribution facilities, and urban development areas.

Toward a Sustainable Future

Ishimoto helps clients sustain the competitive advantage of their properties and facilities.
By integrating people, architecture, processes, and technology, we support and improve long-term preservation of asset value. Ishimoto’s “Total Sustainability Management” considers your assets from a holistic perspective to create environmentally responsible designs that honor tradition and a sense of place.
Drawing upon the collective experience and insight of Ishimoto’s highly disciplined organization, our designers use the latest tools and technology to create sustainable design solutions that add value and optimize life cycle costs. We understand that each site has a unique natural climate, weather and ecosystem.
By incorporating the local environmental context, our designs use natural energy from the site to reduce mechanical power usage and mitigate carbon emissions.
Ishimoto’s “Environmental Integration Technology” helps clients find a practical equilibrium between the balance of nature and the bottom line.

ISHIMOTO by Design

“ISHIMOTO BY DESIGN” expresses the spirit of Ishimoto’s business process, and our ability to anticipate the future and contribute to the success of our clients’ business.
Beyond simply its decorative implications and architectural dimensions, “By Design” reflects the total package of Ishimoto services: our management style, business strategy, and most importantly, our core values: Landscape, Graphics, Interiors, and Sustainability.