Message from the CEO

At ISHIMOTO, we contribute to the business activities of our clients.

We consistently stand by our clients, and have done our utmost to facilitate the success of their business activities. This is true regardless of what the changing times require and without being influenced by others. The following is just one of the ways in which clients can effectively take advantage of what we have to offer. ISHIMOTO collaborates with all clients, whether foreign or domestic, from the very early stages of business planning. We create detailed audits carried out on a multitude of technical comprehensive adjustments and difficult-to-understand architectural construction projects, ensuring also that accurate management is carried out with respect to cost, schedules and quality. We ensure that life cycles at every facility are ascertained in a unified manner and make calculated reductions in maintenance and management costs. Whether we are providing services such as:

  • presentation of our evaluation that can lead to a decision on whether or not a building is to be renovated or rebuilt
  • safety and building code review through architectural diagnostics
  • advice and consulting for the effects of optimal investments in new project plans or for value assessments

ISHIMOTO is there for our clients each and every day in much the same way as a family doctor.
While these kinds of services are what the times have required, you will only find them at ISHIMOTO in the services that have been cultivated over the course of 80 years, through expertise backed by our experience in servicing clients.
At ISHIMOTO, we conduct business with one primary concern: contributing to the economic activity of our clients.
That is something we have not changed since our inception and never intend to change.

ISHIMOTO by Design

While the world is becoming more global, the establishment of regional identities is also becoming more and more important. The goal of our creative work is to provide assistance in the development of regional cultures around the world with an emphasis on the importance of communication.

Our core values are “landscape”, “graphic”, “interior” and “sustainability.” In order to respect local cultures and regional ways of doing things, and to ensure sustainable development, we believe that it is important for design to be characterized by internal contexts linked to people’s hearts, not just external contexts.

“ISHIMOTO by Design” expresses everything about us at ISHIMOTO.
To design something is to make a proposition for the future.

代表取締役社長 石井 誠
Makoto Ishii
Chairman & CEO