ISHIMOTO ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING FIRM is a general architectural firm
with offices in Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyushu,
and employs architects, designers, and engineers
in the fields of architectural design, structure, and electrical and mechanical equipment.

Believing in the power of good architecture

The term “architecture” encompasses all processes, including “planning, design, consulting, and technical development.”
The name of our company, ISHIMOTO “ARCHITECTURAL” & ENGINEERING FIRM represents our commitment to “a comprehensive understanding of architecture with a wide range of technologies and services that go beyond design.”

What ISHIMOTO ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING FIRM aims for is good architecture.
We believe that good architecture is a project that pleases our clients, contributes to society at large, and paves the way for the future.

Good design creates attractive cities and beautiful landscapes.
Technologies that reduce environmental load contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.
They promote citizen interaction and community revitalization, and induce social innovation.

We believe in this power of good architecture.

Aiming for good architecture

ISHIMOTO ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING FIRM promotes “One ISHIMOTO,” which is “a form of collaboration in which employees work across the boundaries of offices, departments, and generations.” In addition to working as “One ISHIMOTO” for projects such as design, supervision, etc., we have established various “in-house platforms” where people of any affiliation or generation can freely participate, discuss, and work together.

A “project first” business promotion system

ISHIMOTO ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING FIRM is committed to accepting orders and carrying out production on a company-wide basis, regardless of the customer’s location or construction site.
At the core of this philosophy is the “project first” belief. We determine the characteristics of each project and form project teams by selecting people from across the company who have the necessary experience and motivation in that area. In addition, by reviewing the project process through the eyes of the entire company, we are ready to provide “ISHIMOTO Quality” anytime, anywhere.

Free “in-house platform”

ISHIMOTO ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING FIRM has established various in-house platforms in which employees can freely participate. Members from different fields of expertise and different generations have come together to work energetically on research and proposals, while balancing their work with design and other duties.

We are confident that the “One ISHIMOTO” approach, in which the combined strength of the entire company is devoted to each and every project, will lead to good architecture.

ISHIMOTO ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING FIRM will continue to open the future through good architecture.

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