At the opportunity of the 90 year anniversary of the foundation of the corporation in September 2017, the symbol mark was renewed to reacknowledge the identity of ISHIMOTO. The symbol mark of ISHIMOTO is inspired by the signature of Kikuji Ishimoto himself and has been popular for a long time. In this renewal, the unicursal figure was emphasized and a sense of transparency and three-dimensional appearance was provided to express the accumulation of 90 years of history and the lightness of evolution into the future.

The symbol mark of ISHIMOTO is inspired by the initials of Kikuji Ishimoto and was designed by Kikuji Ishimoto himself. This work jacket was also designed by Kikuji himself, and because it is easy to move and functional, it has continued to be used by employees until recent years, when the change from drafting to CAD has advanced since the early Showa period.

Kikuji Ishimoto wears a work jacket with the symbol mark on it
The signature of Kikuji Ishimoto that became the motif of the symbol mark